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  1. Dear Mrs. Messner,
    We are reading Marty McGuire in class and the book is very funny! My favorite part is when the frog had an “accident” on Marty’s sleeve. Your fan, Luke
    Dear Mrs. Messner,
    I loved the part when Mrs. Aloi talked to Marty about the play. I really wanted Marty to be in the play. Your new friend, Hailey
    Dear Mrs. Messner,
    We can’t wait till we read some of your new books. I just can’t wait! I like Marty because it reminds me of my 1st grade play. I had a safari hat on and it was called Crocodile Smile! My teacher had a camera man record it! It was so cool because it had a cord running into the TV. From one of your newest fans, Jonathon
    Dear Mrs. Messner,
    I like your book, Marty Mcguire, because she doesn’t like to dress up like a princess and neither do I !!! I think Veronica Grace is pretty, though. Sincerely, Julie
    Dear Mrs. Messner,
    It was pretty funny when Marty fell into the muddy water! From your funny friend, Amir!
    Dear kate, As you can see, we are very excited about your book and the possibility of skyping to you in June! We are going to read as many of your books as we can, so we will be ready for your questions. We’ll have some for you too! Thanks so much and I’ll let you know ASAP about the fall. Looks like I’ll have to retrieve my retirement papers!!
    Your old pal, Mrs. Valley

    1. Hello, Luke, Hailey, Jonathan, Julie, Amir, and Mrs. Valley! What a fantastic collection of Marty thoughts – thank you so much for taking the time to share your reflections. I’m so glad you’re enjoying MARTY MCGUIRE! Mrs. Valley…Let me know as soon as you can which days might work for a June Skype visit – I usually Skype with classes during my own lunch hour at school (11:15) or after school (after 3:30) and right now, I’m free almost any day after June 9th. Thanks again for your great notes!!

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