Writing Advice, Sugar and Ice Giveaway, & My Classroom Library

Two quick things today…

First, I’m guest-blogging over at   today on the topic of making time to write. Whenever I give workshops for writers or teachers, the number one question I get is, "You teach full time and have a family? How do you find time to write?"  This blog post answers that question in detail with some thoughts on making time for some things and letting other things go.

Second, there’s a SUGAR AND ICE giveaway going on over at GoodReads.  If you’re a member of GoodReads (and I hope you are because it’s great fun to share book suggestions!) you can click here and scroll down to enter the drawing, which runs now through September 30th.

That’s all for tonight because today was the first day of school for teachers where I live, and I have lots to do to get ready for the kids. But first, here’s a photograph of my classroom library, just because I love it.

It’s still missing big piles of titles my kids from last year took home over the summer, including everything Carrie Jones & Lisa Schroeder have ever written, but this is still the most complete it will be all year. On Thursday, I get to start putting books in hands again, and I can’t wait.

Hope those of you who are starting classes along with me have a great beginning to your school year!