Why I love small towns…

1.  Because an author visit to the public library is front-page news in the local paper.


2.  Because when I showed up for my presentation at Lee Whedon Library, I was greeted at the door by this….

…and greeted inside by more than sixty people who came to hear the presentation on Saturday morning.

Even though I have a horrible expression on my face in this photo, I had fun giving my presentation on SPITFIRE…really…

My new friend Thomas did a great job modeling a Revolutionary War sailor’s outfit.

The make-your-own-powder-horn project was a big hit.  (Thanks to J for helping kids out with this project while I signed books!)

My mom, artist Gail Smith Schirmer,  did SPITFIRE’s cover painting and joined me in signing more than 70 books after the presentation.

It was extra special signing books for several of my classmates’ kids and some of my former teachers!

By the time the line died down, it was time for us to leave for our second event of the day in Canandaigua. 

Medina, NY gave us such a wonderful, warm welcome that it was hard to leave.  The town where I grew up remains every bit as friendly and family-oriented as it was twenty years ago, and it was wonderful to be back.  One BIG improvement I noticed on this visit… the addition of The Book Shoppe on Main St. – a fantastic, cozy bookstore with a great kids’ section.  Thanks, Sue, for handling book sales at Saturday’s event!

11 Replies on “Why I love small towns…

  1. So, How did it feel to be back at that library – this time with YOUR book?

    Great photos! Look at the loooong line!

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful author day and that your mom was beside you to be part of it – I still think it’s soooo cool that she did the cover =)

  2. Now I know EXACTLY what you meant. What a moment! I stood there staring over at the kids’ section (they haven’t moved it) and had a vivid memory of looking for books about witches when I was about six. Then I looked up and saw all those people with MY book in their hands. It was really overwhelming. Thanks for the heads-up on what a trip it would be!

  3. Great photos Kate!! Thanks for posting them!

    Wow, look at the size of that line! I’m glad you and your mom had such a wonderful author/artist day. Are you planning to come to Vermont at all? Misty Valley Books in Chester would be perfect,(hint, hint, hint…I live nearby) They promote New England authors heavily.

  4. This sounds like the kind of bookstore that I love. Do you know if they’re carrying SPITFIRE yet? It’s taking a little longer to get into Vermont stores, I’ve found, because the publisher tends to do more with NY booksellers. I’d love to visit Chester some time!