WHITE CAT by Holly Black

Let’s see…where to start with this one…

Well, first of all, there is the fact that Holly Black’s name looks so cool on the cover of a book called WHITE CAT.  But focusing on that too long is doing the inside of the book a disservice.  Because it’s fantastic – one that teachers will want to hand kids looking for a compelling, fast-paced read.

Set in a world where a touch can be powerful and deadly, WHITE CAT is a magical thriller, loaded with curses, organized crime families, and con artists with dangerous talents. I loved this book, especially the ending (It’s perfect – that’s all I’m saying), and I’m excited to share it with my middle school kids. WHITE CAT is the first in a series called CURSE WORKERS, and it’s one of those titles that both boys and girls are going to love.  I am already kind of tapping my fingers on my desk, wishing the next one would show up. Highly recommended.

(Reviewed from an ARC & available from Margaret McElderry today!)

4 Replies on “WHITE CAT by Holly Black

  1. I really loved this, too. What I love about Holly is that she’s a fantastic storyteller, but also a beautiful writer. I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Kate–I am excited about this–I went to a book signing not too long ago that Holly Black was a part of, and it really piqued my interest for White Cat. I think it’s loosely based on a fairy tale, but can’t quite remember. It’s great to find out that it is a great book! Thanks! What age group would you recommend?

    Heather Kelly