Where I’ll be this fall (and how to get a signed book even if you’re not there!)

First things first…a "virtual book signing" for anyone who wants a personalized, signed copy of THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z but can’t make it to an event…

Josie and Elizabeth and the other awesome booksellers at Flying Pig Bookstore are making it possible for everybody to attend our launch party in spirit, if not in person.  If you can’t make it to one of my events listed below but would like a personalized, signed book for yourself or for holiday gifts, we’re having a "virtual book signing" on September 5th, the day of my launch party at Flying Pig.  Here’s how it works:

  • Call Flying Pig Bookstore at 802-985-3999 and tell them you’d like to order a signed copy of THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z.
  • They are fabulous and will have a form ready to take your order. They’ll ask for your name, contact and payment information, how many copies you’d like, and how you’d like them signed.
  • Right after our launch event on September 5th, I’ll sign your books and tuck a bookmark or two in each one.  (I’d send you some cookies, too, but they don’t travel as well.)
  • The fabulous Flying Pig folks will send out your order, and you’ll get your books in the mail.

Of course, if you can make it to one of my real live events this fall, I’d love to see you in person!  Here’s where Gianna Z. and I will be through the fall. Starred events are open to the public.

September 5- Flying Pig Bookstore, Shelburne, VT*
11am – THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z Vermont Launch Party!
(Vermont teachers & librarians who attend will be entered in a drawing for a free presentation at your school/library on Oct. 12th!)

September 6, 2009 – 2pm – The Bookstore Plus, Lake Placid*

September 11- Koffee Kat – 104 Margaret St. Plattsburgh*
4-6 pm – THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z New York Launch Party! 

September 25- Lake Forest Senior Living Community, Plattsburgh*
4 pm – Author presentation on writing for kids

September 26 – Burlington Book Festival*
11am- Fletcher Free Library-Writing for Children & YA Panel Discussion
(with Julie Berry, Linda Urban, Jo Knowles, and Tanya Lee Stone)

October 22 – New York State English Council Conference, Albany

October 24 – Bear Pond Books, Montpelier, VT*
2pm – Reading & Book signing

November 7 – Rochester Children’s Book Festival*
Rochester, NY

November 14 – Barnes and Noble, South Burlington, VT*
1-3 pm – Reading and book signing

November 19-24 – NCTE Annual Convention– Philadelphia
Nov. 20, 4 pm – Panel Discussion on Pairing Fiction & Nonfiction
(with Jenny Moss, Loree Griffin Burns, & Tanya Lee Stone)

November 25 – Dodge Memorial Library – Rouses Point, NY*
10:00 – Presentation for kids & families

18 Replies on “Where I’ll be this fall (and how to get a signed book even if you’re not there!)

  1. That is one serious schedule! And now, I’m wishing I didn’t have a Jane Austen thing on Sept. 26th, or I’d be coming to Vermont. So many favorite people all in one place!

  2. I’ve been telling every sixth grade girl I know about your book. I made them all read A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT 2 years ago, so they value my taste. 🙂

    Thank you for such a wonderful read.

  3. Wow! That’s quite the schedule! Gianna will be well traveled 🙂 I’m going to as many as I can. I think I saw three or four that I can attend. But count on us for the 5th! (And sadly it means you won’t be able to come to the girls’ birthday party. Can E? Or is the family going with you to Lake Placid?)

  4. They call this a “limited launch tour,” I think. It is what happens when a teacher/writer’s book launch coincides with her return to school!

  5. Flying Pig is going to be a blast – I’m so glad you’re coming! I’ll probably do the Lake Placid event solo – not sure what everyone else has planned – but I’ll try to stop by when I get home if things are still hopping at your house.

  6. I just ordered my very own copy from Flying Pig. I wish I could be at your launch(es) in person. Know I’ll be thinking of you … and cheering for you and Giana Z!