Where I Live (along with some ducks)

I’m sharing another photo from the backyard today.  About a week ago, we noticed that a mother duck had moved into a new nest on top of the neighbor’s sea wall.  She’s hard to see, but she’s there, tucked in the plants behind an owl decoy meant to scare off seagulls.

Today, she finally left the nest long enough for me to take a peek.

We’ll be watching quietly and waiting these next few weeks.  I’ll keep you posted!

16 Replies on “Where I Live (along with some ducks)

  1. Great photos, Kate! I have a cardinal’s nest in a shrub in my yard. I’ve been afraid to meddle, but your photos might give me the courage to peek!

  2. I can’t see the duck, but what is that sticking up from the middle? Baby ducks are so cute…we have several families swimming the ponds on the golf course. We always count them to see how many have survived the alligators and turtles.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day and a great holiday weekend.

    (Great photos this week of your area. It is a beautiful place to live. It makes me want to buy a house or property in that area. –We are looking for a place and are at a loss for where. It is kind of fun considering all possibilities–because we can choose anywhere and we have no time constraints.)

  4. The brown thing in the first photo is a plastic owl the neighbors put there to scare away birds. The duck, ironically, built her nest right in it shadow.