When will the ice go out? Guess and win an ARC of MARTY MCGUIRE!

So…I’m having a contest to see who can guess when the ice on Lake Champlain will break up in front of my house. As you can see, it’s still frozen. Lovely and sparkly this morning…but still mighty cold and solid.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment with the date and time you think the ice will go out. (We’ll define that as the day/time that there are many floating chunks of ice instead of one big slab of ice between my house and the island, okay?)  Whoever is closest wins one of my last ARCs of MARTY MCGUIRE, my new chapter book series with Scholastic coming May 1st.

If the ice goes out while we’re all sleeping here or otherwise not available or paying attention, then I’ll have a drawing among all the entries that were close.

I’d posted this contact as a quick mention before, so if you’ve already guessed, don’t worry – you’re all set and I have your date/time recorded!  If you haven’t guessed yet…the deadline  is TUESDAY, MARCH 29 at 7pm EST.  I’ll post ice/weather updates after that so you can root for warm temperatures and windy days near the time of your guess.   Enter, okay? It’ll be fun!

7 Replies on “When will the ice go out? Guess and win an ARC of MARTY MCGUIRE!

  1. Wow. I like that I can comment on your posts now. I couldn’t before with LJ. Cool.

    Okay, I think the ice will break up into chunks by April 15th. Only because I know how fast it can happen if we have some warm weather and wind.


  2. My guess is the ice will break on April 15th at 6:00 p.m. I hope sunny, warm days are in our near future – I’m tired of the cold like everyone else!

  3. I am bucking the trend and guessing a little earlier than some of your other guessers – April 9th at 2pm (this just also happens to be the date and time my 1st born was born – he will be 15 this year!)