When will the ice break up? Contest guesses so far…

Here it is late March, and the temperatures are still only in the 30s here in the Lake Champlain region.  To pass the time until Spring, I posted a contest this week to see who can guess when the ice on Lake Champlain will break up in front of my house.  Guesses need to be in by Tuesday at 7pm! Here are the entries so far…

March 27 – 12 pm – jeniwrites (Sorry, Jeni…Ice is still solid out there!)

April 5 – 12pm – Barbara Baker

April 7 – 2:47pm – fairwinds2u

April 8 – tracyworld (what time, Tracy?)

April 9 – 4:00pm – Liza Martz

April 10 – 3pm – frieliegh

April 11 – 2:00 pm – dmcordell

April 12 – 2:15 pm – Jennifer Malphy

April 12 – Sarah Wones Tomp (What time, Sarah?)

April 12 -3:30 pm – jpetroroy

April 13 – 4:00 pm -Betsy Lynch

April 14 – 3:27 pm – docstymie

April 15 – (what time, Laura??) – Laura Pauling

April 15 – 6 pm – Melanie Swider

April 18 – 11 am – Kate Linnea

April 22 – 3pm – Mary Zisk

If you entered but didn’t leave a time with your date, please add that in a comment – otherwise, people who also included times automatically beat you if the ice breaks up on your day!

If you haven’t entered yet, you have one more day! Just leave a comment by 7pm  Tuesday 3/29, with the date and time you think the ice will go out. (We’ll define that as the day/time that there are many floating chunks of ice instead of one big slab of ice between my house and the island a mile offshore, okay?)  Whoever is closest wins one of my last ARCs of MARTY MCGUIRE, my new chapter book series with Scholastic coming May 1st.

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