“What We Have in Common” A poem for election season

I don’t talk politics much here, but if you know me in the real world, you probably know that I have strong opinions. These opinions are not shared by everyone I like or by everyone I love – and that’s okay. I enjoy a good debate. But I feel like election season in the age of social media has made the dialogue that’s always taken place a little more pointed, a little more sharp-edged. It got me thinking…


What We Have In Common

by Kate Messner, Copyright 2012


For just a minute, let’s look at the leaves together.

Do you see how this one blushes pink around the edges?

How that one is all red, its neighbor halfway gold?

I like the way it is leaning toward autumn

But isn’t quite ready to leap.

And you know, I love the smell of pencils in September

I remembered just how much

When I saw that first-day-of-school photo you posted,

Your kids with clean faces and heavy backpacks.

I can’t believe how they’ve grown.

Mine have, too.

This afternoon, while they’re doing homework,

Maybe we can share some tea and chocolate,

Turn off the Internet and remember

What connects us.

Good books.  Bonfire smoke and  s’mores.

Fireworks and full moons,

Bare feet on chilly grass,

Kids playing kickball too late into the night,

While we lean back and notice the stars,

Breathing in and out

This air that we somehow share

Without coloring it red or blue.


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