What Lisa Taught Me…

The world lost a talented writer and a warm, wonderful person when author Lisa Wolfson (L.K. Madigan) passed away this morning.  She was the author of award-winning books, FLASH BURNOUT and THE MERMAID’S MIRROR, a wife and a mom, and a friend to many – even those of us who were only lucky enough to meet her in person once or twice at a conference. She was just your friend right away; you knew that. She made sure.

When Lisa shared her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on her blog last month, some of us put together photos and bits of writing to send her.  I have to think that Lisa, a writer who understood the healing power of words so well, would be okay with me sharing it with you, too.

What Lisa Taught Me…

That photographs capture time.

That words spoken swirl in the air

Like snowflakes

Landing on a sleeve,

Melting in a lovely instant.

That words written can stay,

And on beloved dog-eared pages,

Voices live forever.

They whisper secrets

And comfort and hope.


That we are all a little like Blake,

Loyal and flawed

Wondrous even in our mistakes.

Even as we stumble confused,

Reaching out a hand

To steady someone else.


That we are all a bit like Lena,

Searching for ourselves

In worlds unknown.

Brave and beautiful in our fear.

And loved.

Oh, loved.


That we are imperfect travelers

On this journey.

That even on the coldest day,

When the wind blows for all it’s worth

And there are rocks on the path…

Even then,

What a soaring, swooping, love-filled

Miracle of a journey

it is.