Welcome to the Blogosphere Block Party! (and ARC giveaway!)

When Jo Knowles, Carrie Jones, and I gave our workshop about blogging at the New England SCBWI Conference last weekend, we talked a lot about community, about how one of the unexpected benefits of a blog is the very real, live-and-in-person friendships that can grow out of it. But sometimes when you’re just starting out in the blog world, it can feel like you’re posting away and the only one reading is your mom. (*waves to Mom*)  So I had this idea…

A Welcome-to-the-Blogosphere BLOCK PARTY! 

(with virtual brownies and a chance to win an ARC of SUGAR AND ICE)

Last week, I asked anyone with a newish blog to drop me a comment or email.  Look at all the new voices here!

Ginger Johnson
Kathi Appelt
Sarah Mullen Gilbert

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn up the music, pour yourself a cold drink, and visit each of these blogs some time this week. Leave a comment to introduce yourself and say hi.  After you do that, stop back here and let me know by leaving a comment, and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win a signed ARC of SUGAR AND ICE, my middle grade figure skating novel that’s due out from Walker/Bloomsbury in December.   How about we set next Saturday night at midnight EST as the deadline, okay?

(This cover, by the way, is not final-final, but it’s pretty darn close and is the cover on the ARC. Like the cover for THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. the art is by Joe Cepeda, who is pretty much a god in my book. He has captured Claire’s spirit perfectly here.)

31 Replies on “Welcome to the Blogosphere Block Party! (and ARC giveaway!)

  1. What a great networker you are! Thanks for highlighting these. There are almost 150 blogs in my google reader b/c of posts like this and blog rolls on blogs that I follow.

    I’ve commented on four so far. Thanks again. I’d have visited the blogs anyway, but a chance to win an arc of Sugar and Ice is icing on the cake.


  2. Wow, Kate! You really know how to sweeten the deal! I’ve visited all 8 blogs featured above, commented, and subscribed/followed/friended. I would have visited anyway, but not necessarily made the effort to comment without your prodding. Thank you for the “poke” and the networking! Yay for writers and building a community!

  3. thanks

    Hi Kate–thanks for posting my new blog here. I’m having a lot of fun with it, especially with my trusty Flip Cam.


  4. I’m off to visit everyone, but first, I just love the cover — So cool that it looks related to The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z too!

  5. Re: thanks

    I was happy to find your new blog (Cyn alerted me so I could include it even though you’re on tour!) and I cannot wait to read KEEPER. I’ve heard such amazing things already. Safe travels to you!

  6. I was already mutual friends with karenbschwartz, but left comments on the other blogs (except Kathi Appelt’s, where I didn’t see a comment feature).

    I remember people did this for me when I started on LJ, and it made me feel so welcome! I still remember the first 10 or so people who “friended” me.

  7. Thanks for playing, Jenn!

    I remember the first people who came by my blog, too – and interestingly enough, two of them were my co-presenters on the blogging panel! I think Jo was one of the very first people to show up at my baby blog to say hi three years ago!

  8. Thanks, Kate, for doing this! I’ve had fun reading and commenting on other blogs, as well as meeting some new people on my own!


  9. Thanks again for doing this, Kate! So generous of you. And the Sugar and Ice cover looks fantastic!

  10. What a great idea! The blogs were lots of fun and kudos to the bloggers for bravely stepping forward to proclaim their existence in the blogosphere.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must creep back into my dark corner and hide.

  11. I visited them all but my most favorite was Kathi Appelt’s site. I’m was very excited to see that one! Thanks for sharing them 🙂