We Have a Winner…. (Actually, 7 of them!)

This fall, my middle school students and I had the pleasure of featuring five amazing children’s book illustrators who created snowflakes for the Robert’s Snow for Cancer’s Cure fund raiser for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  The fund raiser wrapped up last week, and even if you weren’t lucky enough to have the winning bid in an auction, you may still be a winner!  Each of our illustrators signed a book and/or print of her work as a prize for one of our readers, and this afternoon, students in the Writers Club drew the contest winners:

won Judy Schachner‘s signed book and Skippyjon Jones doll.

won a signed Belinda book from Amy Young.

Jules herself, from 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast, was the winning name for Cecily Lang‘s signed print.

won a signed book from Shawna Tenney.

And three winners will receive signed books and prints from Sara Kahn:

Charlotte from Charlotte’s Library
Gail Maki Wilson
and Kris Bordessa from Paradise Found

Congratulations…and here’s one last prize for everyone else.  A snowflake of your very own.

Okay, really this one is mine.  But you can make your own at the Make-a-Flake website, a virtual version of the snowflakes you fold and clip and snip into being.  (This one doesn’t leave all those tiny little bits of paper on the floor.)

If all this winning has put you in a contest kind of mood, never fear….   There are two fantastic new contests this week on LJ.  

is giving away 12 YA books for the 12 days of Christmas, and

is giving away her fantastic YA novel LESSONS FROM A DEAD GIRL.  Head on over to their blogs to enter!

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