Want to see my magic writing charms?


contacted me a while back to invite me over to her blog for an interview, one of her questions threw me for a bit of a loop.

“What’s on your writing desk?”

What’s on my desk?  I know she probably expected to hear about paperclips and stuff, but my attention span requires me to have things to play with when I get bored or stuck.  They’ve become my writing “magic” in a sense.  If you’d like to read more, head on over to Tori’s blog for the interview and even a picture or two.

And…did you know that Tori’s a finalist to be the next official YA Books Central Teen Reviewer?  Click here to see the review that earned her that honor and to vote.  And hurry, okay?  The voting ends January 5th.

1 Reply on “Want to see my magic writing charms?

  1. What a terrific interview Kate! I loved learning about your magical charms.

    Do you suppose it’s a NE trait as I’m also surrounded by white rocks and pebbles? I don’t have a maple leaf but rather acorns, pine cones,sleigh bells, and antique lamp prisms hung up in the picture window. When the sun hits the window just right the room is ablaze with dancing rainbows.