Waiting on Winter~ and a big Thank You!

First of all, thank you SO much for all the warm, wonderful SUGAR AND ICE wishes yesterday.  I woke up to a bouquet of blog posts and good wishes that kept coming all day, and I want you to know that it was downright sparkly to know people were celebrating with me, however busy the day was. Thank you!

It was a busy day on my whirlwind blog tour, too…I had a coffee break with writer-friend Debbi Michiko Florence here, shared the first page of SUGAR AND ICE with a great blog called First Page Panda, and was celebrated in grand culinary style with Jama Rattigan here.  Today, I’m talking about how my kids get involved in my writing at Great Kids Books.

I am also having winter-envy today.  Across the lake in Vermont, some places got more than two feet of snow yesterday.  Two feet! Here, the grass is still brownish-green and showing, and the lake remains stubbornly liquid.  Sigh. It’s December, and I am ready for some of this….

The good news? I’m headed to Lake Placid this weekend, where Sarah at the Bookstore Plus tells me they have at least 15 inches on the ground. Winter, here we come!