Time and Space…and a few birds & reptiles

Visiting family in Southwest Florida last week gave me some much-needed quiet time outside.  There are so many special places in this part of the world…so different from the ecosystems here at home, and I love the way Florida nature feels so quiet and so loud all at once.

Want to wander in the swamp with me a little?  Come on…I’ll bring the sunscreen & bug spray…

This great blue heron was wading in Myakka River State Park. I loved his reflection.

Turtles sunbathing just off the Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk in the Fakahatchee Strand.  Note the second one in line with his arms and legs stretched out.  I think he looks like he is playing Superman…or doing yoga.

Later, we took a walk on the Naples Fishing Pier and saw this brown blob coming our way…

Can you tell what it is?  How about now?


Stingrays.  There must have been more than a hundred in this school.  They swam right up under the pier, turning and swirling as if they were in a ballet.  Or a poem,maybe.  At any rate, they were magnificent.

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19 Replies on “Time and Space…and a few birds & reptiles

  1. Did you drive or fly? I live in North Florida on your way home if you drove, just off I-75 in the woods on a black-water river (stained with tannic acid from the roots of the trees, but clear.) We have a peaceful floating dock on the river, and a half mile trail through the woods if that is any temptation.
    My son was born in Naples and I used to sit on the beach and hunt for miniature shells. Still have a big collection.

  2. Alas, we flew and are back home in Northern NY tonight – otherwise, the dock, trail, and good company would have been a great temptation indeed!

  3. I love these pictures! You’re right, the heron’s reflection is stunning. I’m not a big fan of the spiders, but love the turtles. 🙂