Thursday at NCTE

Somehow, I managed to avoid all of today’s flight delay issues and arrive in Philadelphia safe, sound, and on time for NCTE. I spent the afternoon holed up in a coffee shop finishing up some last-minute revisions for SUGAR ON SNOW, which has officially gone to copy editing now. Woo-hoo!

Just got back from a publisher dinner, where I finally got to meet my online author friend Jenny Moss! We’ve known each other here on LJ for a while and have been collaborating with the other two authors on our panel using Google Docs but hadn’t met in person until a few hours ago.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the convention center all day, doing English teachery things until about three, when it’ll be time to get ready for my presentation, a panel discussion on Stories & Standards: Pairing Fiction and Nonfiction for Interdisciplinary Connections. That’s Session E – at 4pm. Afterwards, I’ll be signing THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. at the Bloomsbury/Walker booth from 5:30-6 tomorrow and then 9:30-10:30 on Saturday. If you’re at NCTE, please stop by and say hello!

8 Replies on “Thursday at NCTE

  1. I’ve been to NCTE/ALAN five times. As you know,it’s the most amazing conference. I hope to be back next year. Have fun!

  2. Tonight was just Bloomsbury/Walker people – tomorrow, I believe dinner is a bigger, fancier affair with some bookstore folks, rock star English teachers, and IRA people.

    I had sweet and sour vegetable soup with a bit of a bite to it, Pacific salmon and some kind of fancy baby spinach that I could have devoured a whole plate of. And chocolate cake with a gooey middle and homemade ice cream. And tea. And then I was up half the night, full of sugar and excited for today.

    (Sorry to have left out so many important details on the first go-round!)