This is why I write.

This colorful collection of homemade cards arrived in the mail today, from some kids whose school I visited a few weeks ago.  The artwork they created in response to my two Lake Champlain historical novels is gorgeous, and their letters made me smile over and over again.

If you’re a writer, you know that certain parts of our amazing job can be tough, particularly the waiting parts.  Waiting for news on a project. Waiting for reviews to come in on a new book.  Waiting to find out if people like it.  And a bit of worrying, too.  I was having one of those waiting, worrying days, until I saw all these gorgeous drawings, read about the kids’ favorite scenes, and finally, read this from Lily.

If Lily is full of excitement to read, then I am one happy author. How do you worry with a fat exclamation point like that staring you in the face? 

Thanks, Lily, Tenzin, Ben, Konner, Kylei, Lawrence, Riana, Carson, Gooey, Rebecca, Emma, Cameron, Lauren, Danny, Madison, Dennis, Cedric, and Caiden. I love that you took the time to write and to draw the pictures you saw while you were reading.

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