Think Cold!

That, my friends, is a full moon reflecting on clear, cold Lake Champlain ice.  It’s frozen from my house all the way to the island, frozen in that perfectly clear, smooth, ice-skating sort of way. 

We haven’t been able to skate on the lake for at least three winters because the ice has to be thick enough to be safe and free of big bumps and chunks.  But temperatures tonight are expected to drop near zero again.  Think cold thoughts with me, okay?  If we have a few more frigid nights without wind, there just might be some skating soon.

14 Replies on “Think Cold!

  1. Since you asked for it, I will wish for bitter cold weather. That looks so smooth!

    I remember looking at information on St. Lawrence College when I was in high school. Their brochure said that sometimes, you could ice skate to Canada. That sounded so awesome to me. Even though I don’t ice skate particularly well.

  2. This morning at 6am I saw the same moon (as golden as the reflection is in your picture and looking amazingly huge) setting over NY state. Unfortunately, it wasn’t from my warm living room. I was in the car and headed to work.

  3. It’s actually the LARGEST full moon we will see in 2009. Congrats for getting a pic of it low in the sky when it appears largest.

    I had the kids in ski lessons today. they were chilled to the bone, but stuck it out like the little Luper Troopers they are.

  4. Husband and son are skiing Whiteface tomorrow. E and I are fair-weather skiers; we’re staying home to read by the fire until it’s at least 20 degrees out there.

  5. Colder Only in Siberia & Polar Expanses

    Dear Kate, with pleasure gonna share the cold with you)) We’ve got -20¤ Centigrade here and the same sneering full moon. Rivers spanned with glaciated mail attract sportsmen, winter fishing buffs. But let’s not forget about 7 centimeter ice sure thickness! And we anticipate Immersion sharp frosts yet more. :-/ Earlier we had temperatures to -40¤! But thanks to greenhouse effect it has been getting warmer. Now usually not below -20¤. It’s the yule-tide with us, time to soothsay partis and to give parties (the Old New Year soon!). With best wishes and regards for the New Year. 🙂

  6. Re: Colder Only in Siberia & Polar Expanses

    Your comment from far away made me smile this morning – one of the things I love about LiveJournal are reminders like this. Everything is relative! Hope you’re staying warm today!

  7. Ice skating was my favorite winter activity when I was a child living in Ohio. We able to skate on the lakes and ponds around my small town all winter long; I can’t remember a winter when it was not cold enough to freeze the water deep enough for skating. In 2000, my son went to college about 45 miles from where I grew up. In the 4 years he lived in Springfield, Ohio, he never experienced winters like those of my youth in the mid-20th century. Now that I am older, I don’t really miss those cold winters, which is a good thing since I live in Texas, but I do have wonderful memories of sledding and skating with my family and friends during the our cold, cold winters. I think I am a little envious today.