There’s something about a science fair…

I love the elementary school science fair.  I have plans to sneak back in, even when my kids are grown, just for the pleasure of watching the baking-soda-and-vinegar volcanoes erupt.  There’s something magical about science fair night…when everyone is herded outside for the messiest of the demonstrations, and the grownups are required to just stand around and watch helplessly while things explode.  I find it delightful.

There were volcanoes galore tonight, earthquake demonstrations, solar system models, a trained mouse, some really terrific rockets, and a most spectacular Mentos/Diet Coke display…

We all clapped and cheered. And if I ever write a book about a science fair, you can bet your Mentos this scene will make an appearance.

15 Replies on “There’s something about a science fair…

  1. My hubby is dying to do the mentos/diet coke thing. I think he fancies himself setting off a few at a time and coordinating it to music a la YouTube style. Yeah right.

  2. In my developmental life skills class we did the Mentos and Diet Coke eruption this year — at Hobby Lobby you can buy a kit that makes it possible to trigger the eruption from a distance so that you don’t get soaked by the foam. Of course, staying dry takes away some of the excitement.

    That’a a great photo, by the way.

  3. Okay, now, I want to buy a pack of Mentos and a Diet Coke and drop a Mento in, just for fun… What a great picture. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Geyser Tube toy

    Oh, I love science fairs too!! My kids convinced me to buy that device with the string at Hobby Lobby. It was created by science guy Steve Spangler. He was the one who started the entire YouTube phenomenon with this experiment. He has tons of videos on his website of all the crazy ways he has done this geyser. My kids LOVE to go onto his site and find science experiments for us to do at home. Here is where we learned the science behind this soda geyser reaction: Science moms unite!

  5. science fairs

    I got to judge a science fair this year at the Montessori elementary school in Albany. There were so many creative projects! One student tested the durability of man-made fabrics vs. natural. Another had his family members drive the same course on Mario Kart with various distractions, then compared the finish times. He had his little sister play with toys while driving and recommended that we never try it! And one distraction he would’ve added in the next experiment? “Personal grooming.”