“The Eagle Has Landed”

That was the subject line on the email my husband sent me at school this afternoon.  Look what was waiting for me at home…

My first author event with books is this Saturday from 12-2 at Borders in Plattsburgh, NY — part of the Educators’ Weekend.  If you live in Northern New York, please stop by and say hello!

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  1. Yes — it’s a GREAT lineup. There’s a fab Teen Book Fest in Roch in the spring, too, FYI. And last year at this event, the place was packed by noon. YOu’ll have so many visitors you won’t know who to say hi to first! Yeay!

  2. Thanks! My students are so excited. I have one girl who asks me every day, “When is your book going to be out?” I’ll have to find her in homeroom tomorrow to show her!

  3. Thanks! My husband was heading back to work tonight after dinner and asked what my plans were. I told him I was just going to hang out and play with my author copies…build different things with them…stuff like that.

  4. How BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!!

    You might want to have your copies in your car on Saturday, just in case you sell out or the bookstore has a hard time getting their copies in time.

  5. Thanks! I was really excited to see the bookmarks. I knew they were coming, but I hadn’t seen one before except in a picture, and they’re all bright and shiny. (I like shiny objects!)

  6. Thanks, Cindy! And thanks for the advice. I’m going to call today to make sure the bookstore has their order, too, but I’ll bring mine just in case. You sound like you’re speaking from experience!

  7. And your ship has come in!

    WONDERFUL!!! It’s really really real!

    I love that phrase –the eagle has landed — the secretary at our school used to say that on the loudspeaker when our paychecks came in. =)

    Enjoy your exciting week!!

  8. Where is the line that divides northern New York from Central or southern New York? I live in Albany and I consider it northern New York (but that’s because I’m originally from downstate). Yet Plattsburg seems REALLY north…like pretty much Canada.

    Good luck with the book launch! It’s such fun!

  9. Re: speaking from experience!

    I just got off the phone with the store, and they’ve ordered 60 copies, so I think they’ll have plenty. I just printed out your thread at Verla’s about what to bring – great ideas! Thanks!