31 Replies on “THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z – ARC Contest Winner

  1. How cool are you?

    Answer: WICKED COOL!

    Best contest winner announcement ever, Kate. Well done. (Kudos to your flipcam crew, too!)

  2. Let’s see…when you give away a copy of BUG BOY, you should put everyone’s name on an index card…and then tape each card to a horse at Saratoga, and then whichever horse wins…

  3. Actually, my idea was to use the OTB channel and have all entrys attached to certain horses in heats. I just need to think of a contest. I’m thinking a caption contest; they’re always fun.

  4. Really? Well, if you think of it, that would be great, but don’t feel bad if you forget with everything going on. I’m going to try and be there at your signing time, though!

  5. Kate, I’m late to my own party!! That was such a cute video!! Thank you! My girls (12 and 14)and I are eager to read GIANNA Z. Thanks so much!!