The Bookivore’s Dilemma

I am supposed to go to a dinner party tonight.  I am making this soup, and it is already bubbling happily away on the stove.

But the library just called, and the book I requested is waiting for me at the desk.  This one.

Do you suppose anyone would notice if I sent Husband to the party with the soup and stayed home to read by the fire?

34 Replies on “The Bookivore’s Dilemma

  1. Awesome!

    Ms. Messner you are about to indulge yourself vigorously in an exquiste piece of literature. The first chapter had me swept away as I sit here and await my sister’s books to return so I myself may pick up the book from my local Branch and enjoy the masterpiece. And I suppose they would but hey you could bring the soup and the book and find a nice corner, and but of course their is also the classic bathrrom escape or “i’m tired let’s get going ok?” excuse which teaching middle school you must get a lot of at open house. Yeah I know at my school that’s the big one. Anyway ENJOY!

  2. I waited- and it’s a good thing; even though the enchiladas were great, I wouldn’t have been able to leave the book behind for them if I’d started last night.

  3. Re: What did you decide?. . .

    I put the book aside, unread, and went to the party, which was lots of fun. Also, the soup turned out great. Then I spent the whole morning reading today – wow!

  4. I love it so far, too, although I encountered a problem today. My son read the cover copy and hijacked it, so I’ll be waiting until he’s done now…

  5. Re: Awesome!

    Yeah i’m getting it tuesday! No school! I borrowed it from a ffriend and got almost halfway through in 30minutes. 1 advantage of being able to read 300 words a minute (last time i was tested was in 5th grade) so i got a good way into it.

  6. I bought THE HUNGER GAMES last Sunday and I can’t wait to start reading. This has been a crazy week and I’ve barely touched pen to paper or eye to book page.

    It’s time to get back to my needs. And my paper. And my books.

    Let me know what you think about it. This one has so many fans!