Thankful Thursday

I’ve been keeping the emotions of my book release in check so far.  (This is an accomplishment for someone who cries at Folgers commercials.)

My box of author copies arrived from North Country Books this week, and inside were hundreds of shiny Spitfire bookmarks.  They were beautiful, but they didn’t make me cry. 

This one did….

35 Replies on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I’m late on this, but OMG!

    I’m all farklempt!

    That is so wonderful and precious.

    Treasure these moments, because soon this child will be a teenager and you will be an embarrassment of the highest order.

  2. LOL – I know…the other one is eleven and goes to the school where I teach. There are already days when he insists on walking in about eight paces ahead of me or behind me…