Thankful Thursday…a little early

I have discovered that they never, ever, ever call off middle school soccer games.  Even if it’s pouring rain, cold, and windy.  Even if the mom of the guy playing right defense is fighting a head cold.  And so I was grumbling a little about this as I cranked the heat in the car on the way home.  Then I pulled into the driveway and saw this…

…and this…

…and suddenly I’m not feeling grumbly any more.

18 Replies on “Thankful Thursday…a little early

  1. what a view

    you are a lucky duck. I love that area of Vermont – we come up nearly every summer and stay in Waitsfield, but we always go over to see Lake Champlain…

  2. wow

    Kate — I love rainbows so much. If I’d been one of the early humans, I probably would have organized a religion around them.

    I’m constantly astonished by (and jealous of) all the beauty in your posts about your daily life.

    Rebecca Stead
    (in NYC, where we did see some Central Park turtles yesterday, and a beautiful skyline from the roof garden at the Met. But still.)

  3. Wow! I love the way the color shifts, as if the rainbow is a border.

    That would take away my grumblies, too. Although I will say, I am so glad BD did not play soccer. Cold and rain is definitely on my list of things to avoid if possible.

  4. Re: wow

    Thanks, Rebecca! I was thinking of you this week because I have a literature circles group reading FIRST LIGHT in my 7th grade classroom right now.