Thankful Thursday

(I almost had to have Thankful Friday, but I have 40 minutes to spare.)

I’m thankful tonight because:

1. My ABLA agent-sister Tara Kelly just sold her debut YA novel, HARMONIC FEEDBACK.   If you’d like, head on over to her LJ (

) to read her publishing story and congratulate her.

2. I just finished a revision pass on CIRCUIT BOY, the companion book for my MG novel MAPLE GIRL.  It’s time to get feedback now, so I’ve submitted to my online critique group and will print out a copy for my reader-boy J tomorrow. He will be much, much tougher than the online critique partners,  in a good, brutally honest 11-year-old sort of way.

3. Fabulous Zach at North Country Books says the inside illustrations for CHAMPLAIN AND THE SILENT ONE are done.  He’ll send them soon, he promises.  I can’t wait to see them!

4. We’re having a reading celebration in my classroom after school tomorrow.  There will be books and brownies, two of my favorite things.

5. It’s very close to the end of school, which is bittersweet but mostly sweet. 

Have a great weekend!

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