Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful because I’m going to see M.T. Anderson and Arthur Levine speak  at Children’s Literature New England tomorrow.  Is anyone else going to be there? 

Also, two nights ago, I finished a new round of revisions on my MG novel MAPLE GIRL and clicked the send button.  My agent read it in 24 hours (I don’t think she sleeps) and says it’s ready to go.  Think good thoughts for my manuscript, okay?  It’s a big, bad world out there….

Oh – and one more thing… tomorrow’s the deadline to comment on this post and enter to win an ARC of KNOWING JOSEPH by Judith Mammay.

23 Replies on “Thankful Thursday

  1. That is such a great accomplishment. So how does it feel? Are you ready to jump right into your next novel, or do you need some time to put this baby out of your mind?

  2. Kate, it sounds like you don’t sleep much either, so you are a good pair with your agent! Congratulations on finishing another novel and sending it off!

    I have a piece in the White House book and will be coming up on Saturday to celebrate that book at Steven Kellogg’s house. It’s an optional part of the conference, but please let me know if you are there!!! I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference, which I wish had been held a bit later — my students are doing final projects and I couldn’t leave them now! But Sat will be fun!

  3. Actually, the next one is already written – I did a fast-draft March with some retreat friends and then set it aside to simmer. I’ll take a short break from revision and then tackle that one!

  4. Thanks, Deena! It’s a little like sending kids out into the world. I hope my manuscript makes good choices…and I hope people like it!

  5. Ah – I’m sorry I’ll miss you on Saturday. I’m only attending on Friday because I wasn’t able to make it for the rest of the weekend but desperately wanted to hear the Friday speakers, at least. Have a great, great time!

  6. As in bright red, fluttery maple leaves, actually. It’s a funny book about a girl who has to do a monster leaf collection project or she loses her chance to compete in cross country sectionals.