Thankful Thursday

Today, I am not thankful for sub-zero temperatures that forced me to scrape the INSIDE of my car windshield this morning as soon as I breathed out. What’s up with that?

I am thankful for the following:

  • Everything I learned being a panelist for the Cybils this year for MG fiction.  I’ll blog about this soon. (By the way, they’re running a trivia contest at the Cybils site that you ought to check out. You can win a pop-up version of The Chronicles of Narnia!)
  • Julie Berry, the writer friend and crit buddy who will not let me get away with including a preachy, overstated paragraph about peace in my Champlain manuscript, no matter  how many different places I try to sneak it in.  She’s always nice about it, too.

  • The fact that I’m done with my revisions for Champlain & the Silent One (as soon as I remove that one preachy, overstated paragraph from the Author’s Note)

  • A writing retreat in my near future. This year, I’ll be attending Kindling Words for the first time.  I’ve heard amazing things about this retreat, and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. (Okay…the truth is I’m also nervous, since I’m going by myself and won’t know a soul there, as far as I know.)  But mostly, I’m looking forward to a late January weekend of quiet writing and conversations about craft

20 Replies on “Thankful Thursday

  1. In junior high school, I was best friends with Julie’s big sister (back when Julie was a very cute, noisy, precocious eight-year-old!). We reconnected at last year’s New England SCBWI conference and figured out we were both writing MG fiction. It’s been great knowing her as a grownup! And yes, she’s brilliant!

  2. I remember hearing about it at a writers conference about six years ago, being all excited to go, and then finding out you had to have a book out. I’m very excited to finally be there!

  3. Yay!! Now I DO know someone! Thanks for letting me know. I hope it’s warmer in the Champlain Valley when retreat time rolls around, though — it was well below zero today!

  4. Thanks! I’m Really, REALLY excited about that book. I just want it to be out so I can go out and speak in schools about eating disorders and my experiences.