Thankful Thursday

Thunderstorms today, but thankfulness, too.

Lake Champlain is pretending it’s the ocean this morning, waves crashing on the shore, licking at the rowboat pulled up on the rocks.  Pretty soon, my daughter and I will head to Vermont to meet up with writer-friends for some plotting on a secret bookish-readerish project. It’s going to be a fun ferry ride, for sure.  If you don’t know how it works on a day like this, you might be tempted to walk right up to the railing to see the waves…and that would be fine until the boat turned just a bit…and said waves came sloshing over the bow of the boat.  (“Oh, yay!” daughter said, looking out at the lake this morning. “This will be a PERFECT day to watch the tourists get splashed when they get out of their cars!)

Thunderstorms notwithstanding, it’s been a lovely summer on Lake Champlain, full of boat rides and swimming, shouting kids and book-reading on  the porch. More than a few rainbows, too.

Hope your Thursday is a colorful one!