Thankful Thursday

I’m waking up extra thankful this Thursday because…

  • I spent last evening with a wonderful, friendly group of  book club women who chose my book SPITFIRE as their selection for this month.  It was terrific to hear the variety of books they’d read together, including LOVING FRANK by Nancy Horan and LETTERS IN THE ATTIC by Bonnie Shimko. They were all smart and funny and delightful, and just as excited to see my copy edited pages of THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z as I was.  It was wonderful to spend an evening with people who are so excited about books and open to reading such a variety of genres.
  • When I got home, I managed to squeak out another thousand words on my work-in-progress, SUGAR ON SNOW – and hit the 22,000 mark last night!
  • I got THE HUNGER GAMES back from my son, who stole it two days ago and wouldn’t give it back.  He’s done now, so I finally get to read the rest.
  • And…(ready for the best thing this Thursday?) cynthialord  is coming to my middle school today!!  We read RULES earlier this  fall and are all  so, so excited to hear her speak.  So I’d better sign off….

Rule #1 for Author Visits:  When there’s a fabulous, famous author coming to your school, you’d better get there on time!

5 Replies on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Yay! Cynthia is an excellent speaker (I loved her workshops at the Seattle conf this spring).

    Great title for your WIP! Spitfire is on my TBR stack which I’m ready to attack once revisions are finished 🙂