Thankful because…

(This reminds me of a project I did in third grade.  When I finish typing, I will be getting out crayons to draw pictures of all these things on a paper plate…)

1. I am inching my way toward my JoNoWriMo goal. I think I’m going to make it!

2. My E is dancing in a production of The Nutcracker this weekend.  She is a bon-bon, which if you’ve ever met E,  you know is serious type-casting.  She is unbelievably, immeasurably excited.  Quote from her in the car on the way to dress rehearsal today:

I just can’t wait to dance in my costume because I’ve never danced in a costume, you know, well except for my Cinderella costume and my princess and fairy costumes and my other princess costume at home, but here I’ll be dancing in costume in public and in front of a big crowd and everything (do you think it will be a big crowd, Mom?) and I so can’t wait because it’s going to be so fun!

3. The library called to tell me my copy of The Wednesday Wars came in today!  I am on page 4 and already laughing.

4. I’ve had good writer news lately, and this makes writing even more fun than usual.

5. My parents are healthy and happy, even though they’re not with us this Thanksgiving.

6. I recently finished my last big book promotion trip of a busy fall, and I’m so happy to be hanging out on the big denim couch with my very patient and amazing family. These haven’t been big, famous national book tour things — just one or two day events around NY and Vermont.  But still.  It’s good to be home.

Have a warm, wonderful, Thanksgiving, everyone!

2 Replies on “Thankful because…

  1. thankful

    ……..and we’re thankful for you …and
    that amazing family. Happy Thanksgiving….
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate. Glad you made it through all the excitement in one piece (??) and can relax with your wonderfully supportive family now.

    (love E’s stream of consciousness car conversation)