Thankful Almost-Thursday – Special Rocks

I think I mentioned that we’re reworking a storage room in our basement into a writing room — a quiet place where I’ll be able to get work done, even when the rest of the house is full and noisy.  It’s almost done…and it’s given birth to a related project.  There is an empty, dirt-filled area right outside the window by my writing room desk where I’d like to plant a small rock garden.

About a mile offshore from my house, there is an awesome island with really cool rocks. They are better than regular lake rocks, and I am not just saying that because they are way out on an island and therefore, difficult.  They are really, really great rocks.  Heavy, too.

While we were hiking around the island this afternoon, I mentioned to my husband that what I’d really like is a whole bunch of these special island rocks for the garden.  I thought he’d probably laugh.  He didn’t.  He offered to spend a morning going back and forth with the little motor boat, moving rocks.  I’m thankful for that today.  And for him.