Thank you, Tuscany Heights Elementary!

I’m visiting Texas for the first time this week and just finished up the first of five days of elementary school visits in San Antonio.  Tuscan Heights Elementary has a simply wonderful staff, student, and family community, and it was so much fun spending time with their 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders this morning.

Third grade reading superstars!

Fabulous Fourth Graders!

First-Rate Fifth Graders!

I talked with the kids about how reading made me a writer, shared some of my favorite research stories, from kissing frogs to exploring a tropical rain forest, and then the students had great questions.  My favorite inquiry of the day?  “When you kissed that frog (research for a frog-kissing scene in Marty McGuire) did you like it?”

As soon as I could stop laughing, I did answer. “Not so much.”  While frog-kissing is most definitely not on my list of things to try again,  I did appreciate the insight it gave me as to Marty’s predicament. 🙂

I got to meet so many great readers and writers, including Tessa, who recently wrote a proposal to get a Writing Club started at her school.

And of course, I got to spend time with Tuscany Heights Elementary’s dynamic lead-reader, school librarian Sue Keuntz.

Thanks to everyone at Tuscany Heights Elementary for such a warm, wonderful welcome.  Tomorrow, I’m off to Harmony Hills Elementary – looking forward to another great day with Texas readers!

4 Replies on “Thank you, Tuscany Heights Elementary!

  1. Kate,
    My daughter, Tessa, really enjoyed meeting you during your visit to Tuscany Heights. She became even more inspired to write after listening to your stories and advice. Thanks for taking the time to make a lasting impression in the lives of these kiddos!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad – Tessa was an inspiration to me, too. It’s so great to find kids who aren’t afraid to be leaders when it comes to writing.