Thank you, Ogdensburg and NCCIRA!

Yesterday was one of those school visit days that writers dream about when their first book is released.  I spent the day at Madill and Kennedy Elementary Schools in Ogdensburg, NY and spoke to about 400 4th, 5th, and 6th graders — all of whom had read at least part of Spitfire

My morning drive started at 5am so I could get to Madill Elementary for an 8:15 presentation.  Madill students share their artwork in displays all over the cafeteria, where I was waiting for my presentation to begin.  I loved seeing all their creations, but this project has to be one of my favorites of all time…

A young lady named Madison introduced me to kids who had fantastic questions about researching historical novels, Spitfire, and the  American Revolution.  They especially liked sampling the hardtack and watching a classmate try to disguise herself in 18th century boys’ clothing like my character, Abigail, did.

Then it was off to Kennedy Elementary, where I was introduced by Nathaniel, who has read more books than anybody else at Kennedy this year.  Seriously, Nathaniel was one of the students who joined me for lunch in the library — I couldn’t find anything he hasn’t read.  The Kennedy kids were fantastic, too. Doesn’t this look like an enthusiastic bunch?

Special thanks to librarians Karen Wright and Mark Uebler, who took care of me and got me from place to place on time.  Mark even greeted me with a special welcome on the library door.

After school, it was off to SUNY Potsdam, where I was the speaker for the North Country Council of the International Reading Association’s spring dinner.  I talked about historical fiction with some of the most enthusiastic, committed teacher-readers I’ve ever met.  And… they had this gooey, amazing chocolate cake for dessert.  Fantastic company, book talk, and chocolate cake.  Really, what more could an author want?

Thanks so much, reading association folks, especially Cindy Wells, for organizing my visit.  Congratulations to  Cindy, too – she’s the incoming president of the NYS Reading Association. Wow! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ogdensburg kids and teachers, for a fantastic day! 

31 Replies on “Thank you, Ogdensburg and NCCIRA!

  1. Kate, dear, where do you get your energy? Teacher, Hostess, Visiting Author, Educator of Educators AND crazy-efficient blogger. I am in awe!

  2. Thanks, Loree! Know that I’m equally in awe of you. Your presentation was awesome, and the kids are still talking. I’ll email you some pictures.

  3. Madill School

    I thought your book spitfire was really cool.I thought the stuff you researched was really cool like the ship that was at the bottom of the Lake Champlain.

    Joshua, Grade 5

  4. Madill School

    I really liked you spoke loudly and and didn’t act as nervous as u really were. my favorite thing in spitfire was when pascal found out that adam was actully abigail and he didn’t tell anone she was a girl.when you wrote your first book were u nervous about what people were going to think of it?

  5. Madill School

    I really liked how you spoke loudly and and didn’t act as nervous as u really were. my favorite thing in spitfire was when pascal found out that adam was actully abigail and he didn’t tell anone she was a girl.when you wrote your first book were u nervous about what people were going to think of it?
    grace grade 5

  6. Madill School

    Why did you choose to write a book about the Revolution?
    What was it like being on the ship durring the reenactment?
    How did you come up with all the different characters?
    You said the charactersare like you and the people you know.Who is Philip based on?

  7. Madill School

    I liked your book Spitfire because it has alot of facts and details.
    What does it feel like to be an author? Do you like writing childrens books or would you rather write books for adults?

    Melina ,Grade 5

  8. Madill School

    I’m really interested in Spitfire. it was cool in the book when they had to cut
    phillip’s,then put his arm in tar and when they tried to sneak around the british ship’s. How lond did it take u to write Spitfire? Why did you put Pascal in the book? Did ypu make those horn’s into powder horns yet?
    Taylor Grade 5

  9. Madill School

    Kate Massner thank you for coming i realy like your book. Is the josh person a real person? Why did you write about the war how long did it take you to write spitfire. How did it feel to be on the boat did you have fun there. thanks again to come to our school logan grade5

  10. Madill School

    What was your favorite book when you were in school? How old were you when you readit? It was a good book. My favorite book was Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s Stone. I was 9years old when I read it.

  11. brooke Madill School

    It was very interesting seeing how and where you got you’re ideas from. But I have to
    tell you the hard tack was disgusting!(no offense). I liked hearing about your adventure on the reanactment,that was cool! who inspired you to write books?How do
    you feel when you write books? How old were you when you started writing?

  12. Adam Madill School

    Hi!! My name is Adam. I am eleven years old and Spitfire is one of the greatest books I have ever read. I love your website!!

  13. Jacob Madill School

    I think Spitfire is one of the best books ever written. I think you did a teriffic job. Did any one inspire you to right Spitfire?

  14. kayli Madill School

    What was your favorite part of the book? Who was your favorite charcter in the book? My favorite was abigal. I think that the hard tack was not good. Did you like it? Did you also like the pea soup also?

  15. kate

    Dear Kate,
    I am so glad you came to are school.Thanks for the hard tack. I read your book it is great.I liked your clothes that you brought.I liked that you brought war clothes.Whats your daughter name? I like the hard tack. Did your childern eat hard tack.

  16. Kaitlin Madill School

    Iliked the book Spitfire it was great!! I would like to read your book again.

  17. nathen madill school

    Hi the hard tack was disgusting it tasted like dog treats.The book was so cool.It is the best book i have ever read so far!I can not wait to read your nex book.But the Hard tack was something new.Will you be able to come up to Madill again I learned alot.I had alot of fun to.

  18. Hello

    What is you your favorite Cartoon show? I think the hard tac would taste better with naco cheese. Do you watch hockey, if you do what is your favorite team?

  19. hello?

    What were you thinking while waiting for all the kids to come in the cafeterium. why were you so nerveus cause it was easy to tell cause you were tallking like it and you looked it?whats your favorite sport mine is basketball whats yours and what favorite team?