Thank you, McConnellsville Elementary School!

My week started with an early-morning drive through the mountains on Monday, for an author visit at McConnellsville Elementary School in Camden, NY.  My author visit kicked off  the school’s Parents as Reading Partners celebration, and the day started…with dancing in the gym!  The McConnellsville teachers (and the principal, too!) really know how to bust a move. They got the kids super-excited for two weeks of special reading activities. What a wonderful way to start the day!  Side note: If the kids meet their reading goals these two weeks, they get to turn their principal into a “human popcorn ball.”  I so wish I were going to be around to see this!

Many students in the assemblies had read MARTY MCGUIRE or THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z., and they’d all read SEA MONSTER’S FIRST DAY with their librarian.  They knew that this book was inspired by Lake Champlain’s legendary lake monster, Champ, so they also learned a little about the legend and voted on a bulletin board… “Do You Think Champ is Real?”  The verdict? Overwhelmingly yes!

From left to right, that’s librarian Shelley DeLosh, me, and reading chair AnnMarie Knight.

I told the kids my story of seeing something big and unidentified in the lake years ago (we still don’t know what it was – but it was 20-25 feet long…and swimming) and then we turned our attention to the woods to talk about OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW.  I do a puppet show when I share this book with younger readers, and I always have so much fun.

Here’s one of my terrific helpers, pointing out a hiding snowshoe hare in OVER AND UNDER THE SNOW.

McConnellsville’s older readers were excited about my newest book, EYE OF THE STORM, so I read them the first chapter and then left behind a copy for the school library.

Thanks, McConnellsville Elementary School – I was truly honored to be part of your reading celebration!

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  1. Will have to think about that human popcorn ball idea….it is so funny what motivates kids!!