Thank you, Adirondack Center for Writing…

…for an unforgettable Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain Lake.

As the waves lapped the shore and the black flies swarmed, Spitfire won the Adirondack Literary Award for Best Children’s Book in the MG/YA category at Sunday’s ceremony.  There’s a very cool wooden plaque with an Adirondack chair over my computer now…

…but really, the best part of the award was spending the day with such an amazing group of writers and readers and taking in the majesty of Blue Mountain Lake.  The awards ceremony was held at the Blue Mountain Center, a turn-of-the-century Adirondack lodge that’s now a private retreat house for writers & other artists.  Check out the great room.  I have serious fireplace envy…

To get here, we turned into a drive that said No Admittance, wound our way around numerous twists and turns of a dirt road, and crossed two charming bridges —

We actually took these photos from the water, during a boat tour before the awards ceremony. 

Bob from the Blue Mountain Boat Livery made sure we saw all the sights and told us many a tale of history and a few tall tales, too.  He knew the best beach for swimming, where to find the loons, and where to meet some baby seagull chicks nesting on a rock.  Can you spot them?

Mama Seagull kept a close eye on us while we snapped this photo!

If you know the Adirondacks at all, I don’t need to tell you what a special place this is.  The people who live here are pretty amazing, too, and the Adirondack Center for Writing is just an incredible group.  Thanks so much to all the judges and ACW volunteers who made Sunday the magical day that it was, and congratulations to all of the writers whose books were up for awards.  Some amazing work comes out of these hills.

I appreciate the plaque and the very cool stickers that will go on my books now, but when I think back on Sunday, it’s the people at the Blue Mountain Center I’ll remember the most — people who love reading and books with the same passion that they love the Adirondack waters and woods.

27 Replies on “Thank you, Adirondack Center for Writing…

  1. I know, I know, the people, the amazing natural beauty.. but that chair plaque! That is so cool! And all those little chairs on the table!!! (okay I do have a thing about miniature chairs).


    (and I had to put Loree’s photo of the six of you on my computer screen today where you kept making me smile. But tell me, do all of you dress your daughters to match your book cover colors? In any event, they are darling.

  2. Thanks, Jeannine! I love Loree’s photo, too, though I hadn’t noticed that our kids’ clothes matched the books until you mentioned it. (I don’t always dress her that way…honest!)