Teachers Write: Meet your guest authors!

One of my favorite things about being an author is being part of an incredible community of people who write and illustrate books for kids and young adults. Some of you interact with these authors via Skype and online, and you already know how much they rock. The rest of you are about to find out, because more than THIRTY guest authors have offered to visit us at Teachers Write! over the next ten weeks.

Meet your guest authors…

Gigi Amateau

Jeannine Atkins

Pam Bachorz

Ruth McNally Barshaw

Jennifer Brown

Loree Griffin Burns

Karen Day

Erin Dealey

Kristy Dempsey

Julia DeVillers

Jaclyn Dolamore

Katy Duffield

Jody Feldman

Miriam Forster

D. Dina Friedman

Donna Gephart

Molly Beth Griffin

Amy Guglielmo

Danette Haworth

Sara Lewis Holmes

Mike Jung

Lynne Kelly

Julie Kingsley

Jo Knowles (More than a guest! Jo shares Monday Morning Warm-Up on her blog to start us off each week!)

Joanne Levy (More than a guest! Joanne created our #TeachersWrite Twitter list!)

Sarah Darer Littman

Cynthia Lord

David Lubar

Megan Miranda

Anne Marie Pace

Rosanne Parry

Erica Perl

Gae Polisner (More than a guest! Gae’s hosting weekly Friday Feedback!)

Joy Preble

Jean Reidy

Mara Rockliff

Barb Rosenstock

Lisa Schroeder

Margo Sorenson

Kristina Springer

Linda Urban

Jen Vincent (Jen’s more than a guest, too! She’s a teacher-writer who’ll be blogging  every Sunday about her journey & inviting you to join the conversation.)

Pamela Voelkel

Sally Wilkins

Jo Whittemore

Christine Wolf

Laura Wynkoop

Diane Zahler

Some guest authors will be offering Monday morning mini-lessons.  Some will be providing Tuesday & Thursday writing prompts, and some have signed up to answer your questions on Wednesdays and hang out to be part of our Friday Writing Happy Hour conversations. They’re doing this because they support teachers and librarians, so please support them, too, by purchasing and sharing their books whenever you can.

The list above is a work in progress. It includes folks who signed up and committed to visit on specific days. Other authors will be dropping in from time to time to answer questions and join our conversations, too, so get ready for some surprises along the way. (You never know who’s going to show up at writing camp!)

Note for authors: If you signed up for a day but you’re not on this list yet, please let me know and I’ll fix that. (With 570 more than 700 teachers/librarians signed up so far, it’s been a little crazy around here…  🙂 If you haven’t signed up to help but would like to join us as a guest author, please drop me an email (kmessner at kate messner dot com)  I’m focusing on traditionally published folks for now because those are the books teachers are most likely to know & have as models in their classrooms – also because I don’t want this to get too overwhelming. Thanks!

7 Replies on “Teachers Write: Meet your guest authors!

  1. You are amazing, Kate, and I’m not surprised at the huge response. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to participating this summer. I still have another week of work–meetings and an all faculty/staff community service day, but I’ll be sneaking in to see what is going on this week.

  2. Thanks the list of authors is great! A wonderful resource of web sites for students to review as well.
    I am excited to have a community to write with this summer. Thanks