Teachers Write! An Update

So… Remember a couple days ago when I said, “Hey! Let’s have a virtual summer writing camp for teachers & librarians!” and posted all about it here?  I figured maybe a dozen of you would sign up, and we’d have a cozy little summer writing workshop.

As of this morning, we are at 350 participants and still growing. Which is AWESOME.  But it means that instead of a cozy little summer writing workshop, we are going to have a big, huge, full-of-energy-and-amazing writing community. I don’t want to close it to new members because clearly, there was a huge need for this, and I want every teacher and librarian who wants to be involved to have this opportunity. But I am going to ask for your help with a few things if you’re participating.

1. Could you please add yourself to the Google doc I created to keep track of participants?  Just click the link, scroll to the bottom of the list (you may need to click “Table” and “Add Row” if they’re full). Then fill in whatever information you’re comfortable sharing.  If you don’t have Twitter or a blog, that’s absolutely fine, and you can leave that blank.  I started doing this but quickly realized it was going to take ten million hours. This is only a slight exaggeration. Later, you’ll all be able to use this to follow one another’s blogs & Twitter feeds, and maybe even set up some critique groups.

2. Be active participants this summer. That means replying to one another’s comments and sharing and generally making sure that the community is a healthy and supportive one whether I’m around chatting, too, or book-traveling or locked up in a room working on a writing deadline.

3. Be open-minded and patient.  This project has quickly grown more enormous than I could have imagined it would be, and it’s going to be one glorious whopper of an experiment. Let’s all enjoy the ride.

If you’re not on board yet but want to join us, click here to read all the details & sign up. Writing camp begins next week!

16 Replies on “Teachers Write! An Update

  1. 350 does indeed show a need. I’m thrilled that you’re doing it (as are the other 349 of us)!

  2. I am so happy to find a way to stay connected this summer through writing and reading. Thank you.

  3. Not only do I get motivation and support to write, but I also get to meet 349+ amazing teachers, librarians and writers! Thank you for getting it started and sticking with it through such overwhelming growth.

  4. You’re going to be extremely busy with this, WOW! Is there any help you need? I’m not tech savvy, but give a holler if you need us, please.

  5. Added info to doc.
    I am amazed by how many people are signed up. I am excited to share ideas with everyone.
    Thank you so much for getting this started.

  6. Dear Kate,
    I added my name to the gmail document. I teach 6th grade English at Marshall Middle School in San Diego. I teach EL, Colab, and GATE classes. I’m very excited to begin writing again.

  7. I added myself, here and on the prior blog link. I’m really excited to write along with this community this summer! Thanks for starting it.