Teachers Write! 8/3 – Friday Writing Happy Hour

You’ve almost made it – just one week of our Summer Teachers Write Camp to go! How’s it going?

Friday Writing Happy Hour is a chance to relax and share comments about our progress, goals, accomplishments, and whatever else is on your mind.  And if you’d like feedback on a snippet of writing, head on over to Gae Polisner’s blog for Friday Feedback, where you can share a few paragraphs of your work and offer feedback to others, too.

Oh! And we have another book giveaway. Caroline Rose Starr is giving away a copy of her gorgeous historical novel-in-verse MAY B.

Just leave a comment by 11:30pm EST Saturday to be entered in the drawing, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

I’ll be MIA from comments again today because I’m at the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles (whee!) but I’ll check in when I can. In the mean time, talk amongst yourselves & have a great weekend!

Remember to check in at Jen’s Teach Mentor Texts blog on Sunday.  I’ll see you back here Monday morning!

9 Replies on “Teachers Write! 8/3 – Friday Writing Happy Hour

  1. Still checking in daily but haven’t been able to write much because of school related activities.
    One night this week, I was awakened by a series of lightning flashes lighting up the sky behind some clouds to the north. I got up out of bed to write about it…because of Teachers Write! I couldn’t let it go undocumented until morning. The Q and A was invaluable again this week. I will miss checking in each day to see what is up!

  2. I have not done as much writing as I had hoped to do this summer, but because of Teachers Write I have kept writing present in my mind. I have done more reading about the teaching of writing and I will go into the school year with a much more focused plan for my writing workshop. I will also have this amazing collection of quick-write exercises to use to help my students find their writing voices.

  3. I can’t believe camp is nearly over. Whatever will I do without my writing friends?

    Still looking for the hook for my book.
    I continue to look…

    Enjoy the conference. I know you will inspire and find inspiration there.

    A huge thank you to all of the authors and teachers and writers who have generously shared this summer.

    Only one more question: where and when is the closing campfire and sing-a-long?

  4. Kate and everyone in this writing group-this writing experience was (is) so valuable. Although I don’t have a novel or book I am working on, I write almost daily…just to write and have writing experiences to share with my second grade students. I have learned a lot from other writers that have posted and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing the many, many blogs of the writers and authors here!

  5. May B. is a FANTASTIC book. I started and couldn’t put it down!!!!! Can’t wait to buy it for my two school libraries.

  6. This week, I was at the beach, but I was able to keep up with Teachers Write. Although reading and writing got trumped by playing with the kids (we had a blast), I did write some fun beach poetry (of course, I had to have some help from my kids, which came back from vacation with their own writing and drawing journals:). As always, thank you for organizing this learning opportunity!