Teachers Write 8/10 Friday Writing Happy Hour

When we first came together for Teachers Write back in June, I made the schedule and remember thinking, “Will this work?  Is ten weeks going to be too long?”  I know the answer now.

 No.  Ten weeks has not been nearly long enough, and so we are…not ending.  Not now, or after Labor Day, and not in the foreseeable future.  Our Facebook group will remain, and so will the blog. There won’t be posts every weekday like we’ve been doing, but you can plan on one every Friday morning. They’ll be a mix of mini-lessons and writing prompts, and we’ll have some author Q and A days in there, too. We’re going to take a short break to let everyone get ready for school (and let me finish my crazy August travel schedule…I’m in St. Louis right now, where I just got to talk to an amazingly enthusiasitc group of Scholastic Book Fairs sales and field reps.)  So look for the first school-year Teachers Write post the Friday after Labor Day, on September 7th.

Between now and then, I hope you’ll keep writing – and we’re going to have our revision chat here on the blog and on Twitter next Wednesday, August 15th.  The conversation here will be going on all day, with authors dropping in to share revision stories in comments. And from 9-10 pm EST, we’ll have a Twitter chat using the hashtag #RealRevision

For now, though, we need to celebrate one last Teachers Write Happy Hour! Many, many thanks to ALL of our guest authors who came to visit this summer. Your words and your generous spirits are amazing.

We have a bunch of books to give away today, too. However,  I…err…don’t know the titles offhand because the titles are home and I am in Missouri. But rest assured, they are wonderful books, and if you leave a comment, you’ll be entered in the drawing to win one.  When I get home, I will post their lovely covers so you can see what you might win.

Editing to add: These are the books!  (And also…Real Revision Chat is AUGUST 15th – not March 15th. I have no idea where I got March.)

Share away!  (And if you have questions/comments/suggestions on the school-year Teachers Write plans, please feel free to ask.)


37 Replies on “Teachers Write 8/10 Friday Writing Happy Hour

  1. Yay!!!! We made it. It’s not even an excitement over making it – but a celebration of the work we have been doing this whole time. And it hasn’t even felt like work with such a great support group and community thanks to Teachers Write. I feel like I’ve actually done what I had hoped to do this summer. I am so close to finishing the first draft of my work in progress. Seriously so close. I have come so far and now have just over 45,000 words. When I started this summer I only had 15,000 words. That’s serious progress and I have grown as a writer and as a person learning about what it’s about to write and hope to publish a book.

    Thank you, Kate! Thank you, Gae! Thank you to everyone author who has jumped on board and shared their writing lives and writing advice and incredible support. Thank you to all the teachers who wanted to come along on this amazing journey into writing and who actually did. You are awesome. For everyone who has been lurking or checking in here and there – it’s never to late!

    Thank you again to everyone in this amazing Teachers Write community! <3

  2. I just want to say a great big THANK YOU for all of the inspiration here-and I am glad to hear it’s not ending! Yippee! A community to support growth is huge-and continuing on with the opportunities and journey to learn and write together is really a blessing.
    Happy back to school,
    See you in September,

  3. Thank you for not ending! It has become part of my life: check email, check Facebook, check Twitter, check Teachers Write. Many mornings I checked it first, curious to see what the assignment would be. I’m so glad to hear you will be speaking in Milwaukee at the Reading Conference! Putting that on the calendar right away. So grateful for all you have put together here, Kate.

    1. Kristina,

      Thank you for the tidbit about Milwaukee. I am going to look that up and get it on my calendar right away.

  4. Jen, I thought I was doing good with close to 10,000. You are rockin’!
    Thanks to everyone, Kate, Gae, authors galore and extraordinaire! It’s been an awesome summer. I feel like I have really accomplished something for myself. I am enriched and encouraged and ready to begin another school year with renewed vigor. I am happy this is not ending, but I secretly wish it would start again sooner than September.
    I plan to join in on some of the revision talk. A little side story: The mother of one of my gifted students is teaching across the hall from me. She was telling me that K wrote a book this summer, but… “you know, it doesn’t all flow. She has these things…” I said, “Great! We can focus on revision this year.” She smiled at my excitement. I hope I can pass on to my students from my experience here that writing is hard work, and even if you are a talented writer, you still must revise, and revise, and revise.
    Thanks again for a wonderful supportive community. See you soon!

    1. Love the story, Margaret. It is so ALL in the revision, isn’t it?!

      Hope maybe some of your students will join in during the year at Friday Feedback.


      1. Gae, Can my students really get feedback? How cool would that be for them! Just got my birthday package delivery of all the great books suggested here. I wish I could post a picture. I should tweet one. (Not really savvy at the tweeting yet.)
        The Pull of Gravity has pulled me in!

        1. saw the photo, Margaret. Thank you! 🙂 I’m glad you’re pulled. 🙂

          And, yes, during the school year, I’ve had a few students from particular classes participate regularly. I’d love yours to join in!

  5. Thanks, Kate, all guest authors, and all members of this writing community. You have filled this fast, short summer with some amazing writing and information. And now, the good news is that it won’t be ending. Hooray!

  6. Wow! What a wonderful summer of learning and writing! Throughout the summer of Teachers Write, I met a critique partner and we have been sharing work all summer long, read many good books that I learned about during posts, got excellent writing advice and lesson plan ideas to use in my classroom from some amazing authors, and I did a ton of writing (even submitted a PB manuscript – fingers crossed). Thank you to Kate, Gae, Jen, and all of the authors that shared throughout the summer for your commitment and advice. Also, thank you for keeping it going – I will be sure to check back!

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe finish to the summer vacation. If you are already back in the classroom, I wish you a wonderful school year!

    1. Andy, didn’t know you submitted a PB!?! Keep us posted. Crossing everything. Would love to hear what it’s about. 😀

  7. Thank you, Kate, for your great ideas and leadership through this summer. Thanks to everyone in cyberspace for being so darn smart and creative – you’re an inspiration!

  8. Thank you Kate, Gae, and Jen for having this amazing idea and seeing it through. I am so excited that it won’t be ending. I was more of a lurking presence this summer and am just starting out trying to find my writing voice. I have an inkling of an idea for a book but it is still marinating. I have, however, learned a ton about the whole process of writing. I will enter my school year with so many excellent lessons and insights for my students. The energy of this online community has been nothing but positive and that helps me to step into my school year with renewed energy and ready to support a community of writers. Thank you for continuing this amazing experience!

    1. Andrea, can’t wait to get peeks at what’s been marinating. 🙂 Loved seeing glimpses of you here and there. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad you said you are continuing!! I was hoping that would be the case, even if it’s in an abbreviated form. Looking forward to it.

    And thanks for an amazing, generous summer of writing. It was great. I know I wrote a LOT more on my story thanks to Teachers Write.

    Now…to keep it up! Thanks so much to all the great and inspirational authors!!

  10. Yahoo! I love beginnings that do not end! I trust that the revision chat is Aug. 15 (not March:)). As I said yesterday I have been a major lurker, but I have gained in so many ways and I know my students will benefit. I can’t wait to see those of you who have not yet published publish, so I can say, “Oh yeah, I saw her/him on Teachers Write!” As for me, being published has never been my goal, so I feel fine with the progress I made as a writer (and lover of other people’s writing)!

  11. Kate,

    What an incredible gift this blog has been to teachers! Please know that while I was not an active participate, I have a deep appreciation for your work and all of the active writers that shared their writing and thinking this summer. There is so much here for us to try with student writers and inspire our teaching. This has been more of a reading and reflecting summer for me with a sprinkling of writing here and there! I have enjoyed many different types of books, some of which were recommended here. In my pile to be read this month is a book that from a recent Amazon delivery Capture the Flag. My fourth grade teammate was just sharing her fondness of a summer read, The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z!

    Enjoy your busy August! ~ Theresa

  12. Kate – Over the summer, not only did I participate in the Teacher’s Write activities, but I also read your Real Revision book as well as The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. They were both soooooo good! We plan to hold a book study at school this year with Real Revision and I can’t wait for school to start to try out the activities in the book and from the blog. Thanks so much for organizing this for all of us. It was such a meaningful experience and I’m glad to hear that it’s not over. Thanks again!!

  13. Yay, yahoo, yippee! It’s not over!! I am jumping out of my seat reading all of the wonderful comments from my writing camp friends!!
    A simple, “Thank you” is not enough to express my gratitude for all that Kate, Gae, and Jen have created, nurtured, and supported this summer. I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to participate in this community, and I am so happy it will continue.
    Looking forward to chatting with all of my TW friends next Wednesday!
    Until then… 🙂

  14. Just want to extend a heartfelt thanks from me to Kate and Jen for letting me in on the TW action. It’s meant the world to me. Not only from a learning perspective, but I’ve made some wonderful friends. <3

  15. I am thrilled that this wonderful experience is not coming to an end. I have been introduced to new authors, amazing books, innovative writing ideas that I wouldn’t have known about without Teachers Write. I am deeply grateful for this experience, and my hat is off to Kate for graciously hosting!

  16. I disappeared from Teachers Write! to travel in late July and then got mired this week in back-to-school meetings. My writing routine predictably suffered. Another 48 hours will bring me to the edge of all the jangling excitement and nerves that ride along with returning students.

    So, for a few minutes near dusk on Friday, I revel in the sense of calm, the familiar voices, and the happy ease that this haven has provided for the past 10 weeks. I look forward to returning from time to time throughout the school year, staying connected, and writing more. Thanks to Kate for starting this endeavor and now keeping it going, as well as to the many writers and participants who’ve shared so generously.

  17. Well, I pretty much fell of the Teachers Write! wagon about a month ago due to a grad class in which I was fully immersed. Now that I’ve had some decompression time, school is starting back up, although I won’t be returning to my own classroom this year. Instead, I’ll be a full-time student and substitute teacher, which I hope will lend me some additional time for my own writing.

    This has been an incredible experience, and I continue to be in awe of the generosity of Kate, Gae, Jen, and ALL of the authors who gave their time to us out of the goodness of their hearts. I truly appreciate it, and I know everyone else does too. I look forward to staying in touch here and in our other spaces. Here’s to a wonderful school year filled with writing we can call our own.

    Thanks again, Kate. You are a Rock Star! ♥

  18. Sooooo…..the story continues. The sequel is coming in September! You could not have shared better news. *ear grin ear*

    Thank you to you, Kate, for hosting and providing a wonderful springboard for writing, reading, and learning. I’m hoping to stalk..ahem…meet you at the WSRA convention next February. I am hoping to *crossed fingers * have a book on its way to print by then.

    Jen, your springboards always started my writing week in a thoughtful, creative direction. I will turn to them throughout the year.

    Gae, I have learned so much from you. I look forward to future FFs and continued learning.

    To all of the other writers who frequented camp, thank you. Each of you added your gifts to our community, and they made us all better.


    1. Back at you, Mary. Thanks for all the FF participation and support to all the posters there too. <3

    2. OMG…how could I forget Jo? Jo, I love the launches you gave to my weeks this summer! Many many thanks!

  19. Thank you, Kate, for all the work you put into making TeachersWrite! a success. Although I didn’t post as often as I’d hoped, I wrote a lot in my notebook and did get some posts up on my blog. I’m glad today’s not the end of TeachersWrite! I’m looking forward to learning more from you and all our wonderful colleagues!

  20. Thanks so much for all that you have done for TeachersWrite! With family vacations and teacher training and other things taking up my time, I didn’t write as much as I had hoped. The positive though, is that I wrote way more than I would have if I hadn’t been part of this group. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Thank you so much! I did not get as much writing done, but I look forward to reading this blog and completing writing prompts during the fall. I feel privileged that I have been able to interact with real authors! Thank you again!