Thank you, Dodge Memorial Library!

2009 marks the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s voyage from Quebec to explore the lake that now bears his name.  There are big doings to mark that anniversary this year, and special Quadricentennial groups in New York and Vermont are planning more events for the summer.

Since my middle grade novel CHAMPLAIN AND THE SILENT ONE tells the story of that voyage through the eyes of an Innu boy who travels with Champlain, I’ve had quite a few requests to speak to different groups and schools this year.  I’m excited about all the places I’ll be visiting, up and down the lake.  My Quadricentennial schedule kicked off this morning at Dodge Memorial Library in Rouses Point, NY.  It’s a terrific library that looks out over a very frozen Lake Champlain.

Since we’re celebrating the stories of the lake this year, I read from both of my Lake Champlain historical novels and gave a presentation about the research behind them.  The kids were fantastic listeners and avid historians, and they had great questions.  Some of them are authors, too, with plans to write their own books some day.  I’m going to keep my eyes open for them in the bookstore in a few years!

Thanks, Dodge Memorial Library families and "Miss Donna" for having me as your guest today!