Paper Towns by John Green

 I just discovered that GoodReads now offers the option of cross posting book reviews to a blog, which is terrific, since I always mean to post more book reviews but have trouble finding the time.

I devoured an ARC of John Green’s Paper Towns recently, and it was everything I  hoped it would be.  Here’s my micro-review (because school started this week, after all). 

(Note for those wondering why all my reviews on GoodReads get five stars…  I review books that I love or that I’m pretty sure someone else will love.  I’m a teacher as well as a writer, so I’m in the business of selling good books, and I’d hate for someone NOT to pick up a book just because it wasn’t my cup of tea.  My solution is to shout about the books I love from the rooftops and set the others quietly aside so other people who do love them can talk about those.)

Paper Towns by John Green

Paper TownsMy review

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It’s hard to choose a favorite of John Green’s books, but for me, this one is right up there with Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, and I bet it will get the same kind of award buzz. Paper Towns has phenomenal voice and that trademark mix of humor and gut-wrenching teen angst that makes his writing so made-of-awesome. Plus some Walt Whitman connections, just in case you weren’t won over already. Loved it!