September Changes

The pencils are sharpened, the backpacks are packed, and my kids head back to school tomorrow.  I went back today, and while I was in first day meetings, our Monarch caterpillars decided it was time to get moving.

Yesterday, they had both climbed up to the top of the butterfly house.

When I left for school today, they were hanging upside down, shaped like the letter J.  Some time during the homeroom teachers meeting, while my husband and kids watched (I’m so jealous!)  the caterpillars shed their skin for the last time to reveal the chrysalides that had formed underneath.

In about two weeks, we should see another change… with wings!

Earlier this week, I compared the caterpillars’ metamorphosis to my revision process.  Turns out they’re much faster than I am.  I’ve made it through my first 40 pages of line edits, though!