Letter Game…

List ten things you like/love/are interested in that start with a certain letter…. 

I commented on

‘s blog and was cheerfully tagged with letter O.  (Vowels are tough, but at least it wasn’t X or Q.)  Here’s my list:

1. optimism
2. orchids
3. olive oil (a special kind from a little store in Montreal’s Atwater Market.  It’s owned by a man named Renee who uses the word “fabulous” every time I go to visit him.)
4. October
5. oceans
6. Orion Nebula (No, really…. I’m not just choosing it because of the O thing.  I saw Orion through a big telescope a few weeks ago and fell in love with the idea of actually seeing a place where stars are born.)
7. organic gardening
8. ornithology
9. oysters
10.oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips!)

If  you want to play, leave me a comment, and I’ll assign you a letter. (Not Q or X unless you make a special request for the challenge!)