New York City

I love New York City in small doses. 48 hours this weekend was just enough time for a taste of city before we headed home to Lake Champlain. I checked out the Museum of the American Indian to do some research for my new MG historical. It’s a lovely museum, but I was disappointed that only a few galleries were open because of renovations.

We saw JERSEY BOYS (loved it) and XANADU (loved it in a different, fun, silly kind of way). The kids made pilgrimages to the American Girl and Toys R Us stores, and I made a small pilgrimage of my own:

This is the NY Public Library’s Donnell Central Branch, home of Children’s Literature Blogger-Goddess Elizabeth Bird, better known as Fuse #8. I read her blog religiously and wanted to stop by on the off-chance she might be working a Saturday. (Forgot about ALA, though!) That’s okay, because we got a chance to visit some other important friends who live at the Donnell Central Children’s Room…

These are the original stuffed animals that A.A. Milne gave Christopher Robin Milne — the REAL Pooh, Eeyore, Kanga, Piglet, and Tigger. They look so loved, don’t they?

It was a great city weekend, but with a high of 95 degrees today, I’m so happy to be back on the lake today. Heading off to the deck now with my raspberry-chocolate coffee and Catherine Murdock’s DAIRY QUEEN. Life is good.