Supermoon: A poem in photos

Supermoon: A Poem in Photos
by Kate Messner, copyright 2012
It looked a little bigger
(14% if you ask the scientists)
And 30% brighter, too,
But the real power
Of last night’s moon
Was the way it made us stop
And pay attention.
We waited all through dinner
For it to edge up over the mountains.
When it finally did,
You almost knocked over your water glass.
“Come out! It’s here!”
We crowded the porch
To watch its slow, brightening rise.
We left our phones inside
And stood
While the moon climbed to show itself
And balanced on the rim of the world.


We thought it might roll away,
But no.
It rose and rose.
And we stayed,
Breathing cool lake air together
Until that moon burned bright
High in the indigo sky.

Super moon, indeed.

3 Replies on “Supermoon: A poem in photos

  1. Kate – thank you for this. I’ve been paying much more attention to poetry these days. I hadn’t spent enough time with it in the busy life of my past several years. But your moon poem here today is like a meta metaphor of just that – truly spending time with something, being present, observing, noticing feelings, connecting. Lovely.

  2. Kate,
    I love the way you incorporated photos into your poem. I think this technique can help young poets. It can provide some inspiration, but can also help express the ideas in another way.

    You shared an incredible poem at the Scholastic Author breakfast during the IRA convention in Chicago. It was about writing. Do you have a link to the poem. I would love to read it again and share it with some teachers.

    Thanks for taking the time to create a fantastic website and blog.