Super-quick post on a Wednesday: Revising, Reading, and More

1. I’m revising.

I was up way top late with colored markers and lots of timelines and notes and critique comments and lists and scribbles. This is my favorite part of writing, so even though the kitchen table looks like a tornado hit, I’m happy.  Sleepy…but happy.

2.  I’m reading this right now –

It’s funny and awesome so far.

3  And did you enter my Marty-McGuire-illustrator-announcement-win-a-book contest?   You have until Saturday!

4.  My SCBWI group meets at our local coffee shop, Koffee Kat, tonight. Then I’ll be revising again, fueled by the best mocha lattes in the history of lattes.

More dystopian world building stuff later on. Have a great Wednesday!