Sunshine & 40 Degrees? Beach Weather on Lake Champlain!

We had originally planned to go see The Lightning Thief movie this afternoon, but the weather called us outdoors.  Even though it hasn’t been much of a winter in Northern New York, this first sunny 40-degree day melted my heart, and we headed for a state park not far from the house. Sometimes in the winter, we see a bald eagle here, but he’s been tough to find this year.  We looked for him in his favorite tree on the way in, with no luck.  But that was okay… the beach alone was worth the trip.

Still plenty of snow on Mount Mansfield

Is it me, or does the shadow of this driftwood totally look like a sea monster?

Just as we were driving out of the park, guess who showed up…right on his favorite branch.

Wherever you are, I hope your day was sunny and full of surprises, too!

22 Replies on “Sunshine & 40 Degrees? Beach Weather on Lake Champlain!

  1. Beautiful

    We had a beautiful day in Central IL as well, but no views like that! I’m taking my oldest to see Lightning Thief tomorrow, I already saw it in my class. It is really good, different from the book, but good as a film.

  2. Our day was sunny and almost 60 degrees — jackpot 🙂 The kiddos rode bikes and played tennis. DH skied (as he does every weekend until the mountains close down for the season). I did a little gardening (woot)…and now I get to look at your lovely pix 🙂 Thanks!

  3. It was a lovely day, wasn’t it? I’m glad you got to spend it outdoors. Great eagle shot! I see them occasionally around here, but I haven’t managed to get a picture yet.

  4. Re: Beautiful

    We’ll see the movie eventually, I’m sure, though my daughter often gets irritated when a movie’s much different from the book. She’s worried she’ll end up mad at this one!

  5. What a fantastic day! We enjoyed amazing sunshine and warmth yesterday and did some hiking. That’s the wonder of spring coming–you just can’t resist being outside in it. I’m so glad that your friend showed up in the end.

  6. Kate, that Bald Eagle is gorgeous! I have never seen one in the wild although they nest around my Tennessee home. Those water shots are spectacular! Is your family the only one who uses this park? There never seems to be anyone else around (unless that solitary figure on the beach is not a member of your party.)

  7. That solitary figure is indeed one of mine. In summer, this park is packed with campers; it’s just this time of year and late, late fall that we seem to have it mostly to ourselves.

  8. Such beautiful photos, Kate! Wow!

    I received your email while I was traveling, and I will answer it today (for some reason most hotel wifi connections don’t let me send mail, just receive it).