Sugar and Ice Kirkus Review (and another happy-dance!)

Messner’s real-life experience as the mother of a competitive skater * is evident in her skillful portrayal of the sport’s demands. The story follows Claire through eight months of intensive training that leaves her little
time for family, friends and relaxation. Claire’s self-doubt and inner turmoil over whether to continue with the Silver Blades after her scholarship ends is both realistic and sensitively depicted. The solidarity among some of the skaters is nicely contrasted with the mind games and meanness of others. The addition of a light romance and the satisfying conclusion will appeal to those who have skating fantasies of their own.                    

~from the Kirkus review

*Actually, the reviewer got this part half right. My daughter figure skates – but not competitively…unless you count when she wants to race with me during public skating at our local rink. Then she’s very competitive.