Stories and Standards: Pairing Fiction & Nonfiction (from NCTE)

On Friday afternoon, I was part of an author panel at NCTE on the topic "Stories and Standards: Pairing Fiction & Nonfiction" along with Loree Griffin Burns, Jenny Moss, and Tanya Lee Stone. We spoke about curriculum connections for our books and suggested other titles that would pair well with them in the classroom. Here’s the presentation, via SlideShare.

Our facilitator for this session was the Goddess of YA Literature herself, Teri Lesesne, (she’s here on LJ) who generously posted all of her NCTE presentations to slideshare as well. Check out her SlideShare site for a ton of great book suggestions!

4 Replies on “Stories and Standards: Pairing Fiction & Nonfiction (from NCTE)

  1. What a neat slideshow, it’s so packed with information, it must make teacher’s hearts leap for joy. I wish I could have seen you and Loree and the rest of the panel, I’m sure it was a fantastic presentation!

  2. Aw, thanks, Liza! We had fun, though Loree and I really never got much a chance to chat until we got together for dinner…at the airport on our way home!