Stars on Ice in Lake Placid

Our family partakes in many of the usual Thanksgiving traditions…pie, turkey, naps…and then there’s the figure skating. 

Almost every year, the touring skating show Stars on Ice launches its season Thanksgiving weekend in Lake Placid, and with a house full of skating fans, we’ve made it part of our holiday Saturday.  This year, it was extra-special spending a night at the Olympic Center, since that’s where most of my soon-to-be-released figure skating novel SUGAR AND ICE is set.  I kept looking around, thinking of my main character. "Oh! Claire would love that costume." or "Claire can do that jump!"

The show itself is always incredible, and this year was its 25th anniversary. 2010 Olympic Gold medalist Evan Lysacek was one of the headliners.

I enjoyed watching him skate…but more than that, I enjoyed the commentary of the older ladies who were sitting behind us. "He is SO handsome! Look at him!" they’d say, every time he appeared on the ice.

Jamie Salé and David Pelletier skated one song that was just amazing. This move made the skater-mom in me want to shout, "Be CAREFUL!"

And the group numbers were, as always, spectacular.

For more on the show, you can check out Lake Placid Skater’s blog review…and if you’d like to see the whole thing, it airs on NBC on January 22nd.